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Granite Tiles India

Granite Tiles are very low cost material but high quality product. it is strong, water resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant and has a high heat tolerance. so that it is best for kitchen countertops and rough use flooring area.  That second list of the hardest Stone on the planet. The granite is close to the diamond, without a doubt. so that, it’s flooring life is too long. we have too many colors of granites. so that you have lot of color choice for flooring designs.Granite is a stone used for building and remodeling jobs. Once granite is cut, polished and sealed it is very durable and can withstand many different environments. Granite comes in several different colors, and the cost of granite varies as it depends on the availability of the particular type of granite, size of the piece and the demand for that type of granite.

Granite Tiles sizes:-

Standard dimensions

12″ x 12″ / 305 x 305 x 10mm

24” x 12” / 610 x 305 x 10mm

16″ x 16″ / 405 x 405 x 10mm

18″ x 18″ / 457 x 457 x 12mm

24″ x 24″ / 610 x 610 x 20mm

Cut-to-sizes: From 200 X 200 mm up to 1200 X 1200 mm, square, rectangular or inclined cutting

Skirting / borders: Free length ( 500mm ~ 800mm)x80mmx10mm (one length side polished and bevelled)

Free Length strips: (500 ~ 800mm) x 300mm x 12mm / 15mm

Granite Slabs: Any Random Size  60up x 120up x 2 cm, 60up x 120up x 3 cm, 230up x 120up x 2 cm, 230up x 120up x 3cm, 250up x 150up x 2 cm.



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